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Power Of Frenz
Our mission
"... To provide a place, not just a space.."

Christie Briceno
Everyone has the potential to do great things! This starts with healthy lifestyles. Power of Frenz promotes and assists with providing new experiences and opportunities so that our Frenz live the healthiest, happiest life possible, expanding their interests, finding new hobbies, using new skills and connecting with their communities. We are not a group based on memberships or a drop off program. We are families working together to create change. We are dedicated 'to creating a place not just a space' for our Frenz of all abilities. 

                                    OUR BELIEFS 

We believe in true inclusion, real friendships formed and fostered in natural environments. We believe that  anything is possible is you have a positive, motivated mindset and are willing to work to make it happen. 

Power of Frenz
Our story:

This group was started through our belief that all things are possible. When our son was diagnosed with Autism, we found ourselves isolated  in a segregated world that did not include him and offered limited opportunities. It was a very challenging time. We found very little events or opportunities that were meaningful or that would really help him connect socially or within his community. We were looking for something that unfortunately did not exist, so we decided that if it did not exist, then we would create it.  We began advocacy within our schools, our community, churches and for individual parents. We connected with other parents who also felt a need was not being met and together began working on meeting those needs. Through prayer and faith, through likeminded hardworking individuals, and most of all our awesome FRENZ, Power of Frenz was born.
SOCIAL CONNECTIONS: Social hangouts for friendships to develop

                            Some Things We've Done
 We've enjoyed social outings to Sea World, lakes, a recycling center, museums, Disneyland, rodeos, fairs, Medieval Times, Pirates Adventure, park hangouts, karaoke night and more. We've created multiple opportunities & experiences with a dance group performing at the Steel Workers Auditorium, a talent show, and music workshops. We also held educational classes such as Healthy Eating, Police Safety, Hygiene and Expanding our Tastes Class. We've also contributed to our communities in spreading cheer at convalescent homes, distributing Panera Bread to families, packing goods for the homeless and making cards for the elderly. We've also created FRENZ who celebrate holidays and birthdays together!
        OUR FRENZ
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HEALTHY LIFESTYLES: Gluten Free Tasting Class and free give aways