"... Anything can happen through prayer and everything can happen through faith..."

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We focus on teens and young adults as this is a crucial time where services appear to stop, therapy ends and school is almost or already over. Call for more information to find out if you'd like to be a friend! Parents/Caretakers that join us are those who are truly interested in "creating" and "facilitating" social opportunities. We firmly believe life is not about waiting for others to plan 'events' or obtaining 'memberships' but rather about real friends and natural connections being created. We do not foster a 'group' or 'membership' mentality. We are real families connecting and working together to set up the best possible opportunities for our loved ones to have friends and healthy lifestyles that will give them the best future possible! We do one on one hang outs, small group, and larger groups also, praying everyone connects and has fun!

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