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Power Of Frenz
Our mission
"... To provide a place, not just a space.."

Christie Briceno
We believe that anything is attainable and focus on the potential everyone has to live the best life possible. We believe a healthy lifestyle is the foundation to obtaining a great life! This starts with taking care of ourselves - our body, minds, and souls. Power of Frenz promotes paths to healthy living including getting outdoors, exercising and learning how to eat healthy. It includes learning about safety and hygiene. It involves forming social connections, real friendships and true inclusion within ones community in order to have a sense of belonging. Carving paths to healthy lifestyles, Power of Frenz also promotes and assists with providing new experiences and opportunities for our frenz so that they may expand their worlds, find new hobbies, take new chances, and possibly find employment options. We are not a group based on memberships or a drop off program ran by others. We are families working together to create change. We are Frenz.

Power of Frenz
Our story:

This group was started through our Christian belief that through faith and prayer all things are possible. When our son was diagnosed with Autism, we found ourselves isolated and in a world that did not include him; one of segregation and few opportunities. It was a very challenging time. We found very little events or opportunities that were meaningful or would really help him connect socially with others as well as his community. We decided that if it did not exist, then we would create it.  We began advocacy within our schools, our community, churches and for individual parents. We connected and found other parents who also felt a need was not being met and began creating events, and opportunities for social connections and community involvement. Through prayer and faith, Power of Frenz was born.
Creating food bags for homeless

SOCIAL CONNECTIONS: Valentine social 
With SanBdno Sheriffs
NEW EXPERIENCES: Sheriff's Mudd Run         

We wrapped up 2015 by blessing families with nutritious staples during the winter months. In 2015 some of our families experienced a rodeo for the first time. We had music workshop opportunities and dance classes for all abilities to get fit and get moving! We had fun outings and field trips to Sea World, lakes and recycling center for our homeschooled and multiple hangouts creating social connections. We also began and are continuing to advocate within several churches. In 2016 so far we've continued offering dance classes for all abilities, held a fun Valentine social as well as an Easter gathering, sent a flag to fly in Antarctica, and held our first Frenz got Talent performance showcase. Lots more planned stay tuned for Healthy eating gluten free tasting class, open mic night, park clean ups and more! 
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